Things to do this month to become a student

I am so stressed!
I feel overwhelmed by the amount of things I need to do to go to College in September. I am not a student yet, but I already feel the stress of it!

This month, here is what I have to do, in reverse order of importance:

10) Create an internet site for my paintings and my blog. I am planning on using the site to promote my paintings in a more professional manner as I would like them to be a source of income to fund my studies. And I am hoping that my blog will be read more widely as I would like to start selling my stories to a newspaper of some sort, under the subject of: A Mature Student’s Point of View.

9) Write a letter to some Investment Banks CEOs to ask for sponsorships.

8 ) Find some courses to practice wood work: I have not even touched a piece of wood and I am planning on taking a full-time course in furniture making. I need to check I even like it! I am guessing I am going to love it, purely because I am enjoying every moment I am spending working towards that goal. And I so love the idea of making something in wood with my own hands and eventually restauring antiques that I can’t imagine being in a workshop with wood to work on and not liking it. But watch this space: I have a course next 2 week ends to make a coffee table. This should be interesting!

7) Re-mortgage my flat. My mortgage deal expires at the end of February. I was intending on staying with the base mortgage rate but I heard rumours that the Bank of England is thinking of increasing the interest rate soon. So perhaps not a good idea to stay as I am. So I need to spend time checking my options. Delightful.

6) Save money!!!!! Even if I get scholarship money, I still need to pay for things, so I need to save money!

5) Get a new computer. That’s an expensive pain in the neck and I could do without the hassle of choosing a new one and forking out the money for it. But I needed a new machine for when I start university anyway, so my current PC dying so suddenly is perhaps the kick in the butt I needed to sort something out sooner rather than later. I could cope without a PC: I have one at work and the local library has free internet access. But I lack the comfort and emotional space around me to do online searches or simply to write things. Some of the application letters I need to write will need to be written in peace and silent, and I can’t do that at work. Call me fussy, but I like to be surrounded by silence when I have to write a letter to a CEO asking for sponsorship money, and not have to endure the conversation of some loud Eastender on the phone to his business partner discussing some dodgy deal to do with car parts…

4) Fill in the application for grants and scholarships at the Chester college from last week. They will be applying for some of these on my behalf, but I need to fill in the application form, and write a covering letter

3) Investigate scholarships and grants available for the type of course I will be doing. This is hard work because there aren’t a lot, and those that I found have restrictions such as age and the type of course it is for. One of them specialises in grants for fine art artists and not for courses. Which means not me, unless I use the money for something to do with my paintings, which would lead to making money out of them… need to investigate that…

2) Finish to fill in the application form for British Citizenship, which includes getting an official referee such as a doctor or solicitor. Not as easy as you might think, as my GP is on the verge of retiring and now works mornings only, which means I will have to take time off work just to get my form signed by her. Last night, I spent an hour going through my memory to remember all the holidays abroad I took over the past 5 years, which were mostly short visits to my family. I hope they don’t actually check that, because I ended up inventing most of the date: there is no way I can remember when I went to see my sister in 2006!!!

Last night during Yoga class, the teacher encouraged us to listen to our body and do what we feel it needs for a few minutes. And while everyone else was stretching various parts of their body, I realised that the only thing my body was telling me to do was to sit still and do nothing. I am so overwhelmed by things to do and organise that I forgot to listen to what I really needed: to take time out to relax and ground myself. So I shall add this to my list of things to do as being the top most important one:

1) Don’t forget to breathe and relax!

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