Suffer Well

Suffer Well; acrylic, newspaper, pebbles on canvas, Size: 80 W x 100 H x 2 cm

Created whilst listening to Depeche Mode’s music, a British band that is known for its dark, moody, depressing and sometimes, let’s be honest, very suicidal music.

Where were you when I fell from grace
Frozen heart, an empty space
Something’s changing, it’s in your eyes
Please don’t speak, you’ll only lie
I found treasure not where I thought
Peace of mind can’t be bought
Still I believe

I just hang on
Suffer well
Sometimes it’s hard
It’s hard to tell

An angel led me when I was blind
I said take me back, I’ve changed my mind
Now I believe
From the blackest room, I was torn
He called my name, a love was born
So I believe

[Chorus: x2]

Suffer Well ~ written and performed by Dave Gahan

When I started this paining, I was attempting to represent some of the pain and hurt in war zones. The newspaper clippings were of the day’s paper in 2009, and the left hand side one talks about a “blood bath in Bagdad” after yet another terrorist attack. The other newspaper cutting on the right shows some soldiers resting in holes they dug in the ground where they could sleep safely and unseen by the enemy, below ground level.

This is a very heavy piece both figuratively and literally, as it contains pebbles which I used to give the painting a very strong texture, representative of the idea I was trying to convey.

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