I feel incredibly serene these days. I haven’t felt that way in a long time. For the past years, I have worked tirelessly to change my life by moving home, renting my flat, studying full-time, working part-time, and finally, dealing with being unemployed for some time before finally finding a job that allows me to earn enough money to live properly on.

My dad was here for a few days, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with him because for the first time in four years, I was able to treat him. I paid for food, petrol, travel-cards, museum tickets and so on. Before now, I had to hope that he would be able to pay for a few things as I would be counting my pennies each time I opened my wallet with a beating heart and hoping I’ll have enough money to finish the month and not starve, or have to borrow money from BoyFriend.

So these past few days, imagine my smugness when I realised that I could afford to pay for everything I wanted us to do, including feed my dad. As a 45 years old adult, it is, of course, a basic need to be able to treat others, especially when they are your elderly parents coming to visit. You want to treat them well and look after them properly. And this time, it is exactly what I managed to do.

BoyFriend did ask if I had enough money for everything, and I replied that money was no longer an issue! When I think of all the treats that BF had to pay for while I was studying and looking for work, it always made me feel uncomfortable that I had to rely on him for my comfort and basic well-being.

The interesting thing is that nowadays, considering the kind of job that I have, Iearn about half of what I used to earn when I lived in London. But since everything is cheaper here, I have managed to adapt to my new circumstances and needs.

For example. I am still in the process of emptying my home of all the junk accumulated over 24 years of living in the UK. And to get rid of all that makes me realise that there is no need for me to buy more stuff. If I get rid of things, it means I don’t need them. So since the beginning of the year, I have hardly bought anything for myself, apart from food, which automatically resulted in money not leaking out from my bank account.

Also, we decided to not get a TV licence. It turns out that you only need a licence if you watch programs live, which we don’t do. We don’t have a working TV aerial anyway, which means we can’t watch live TV at all. And instead of getting it fixed, we realised that actually, we are pretty happy this way, with no TV blaring adverts and other inconvenient and intrusive noises when we are trying to find an interesting program. The interesting programs that we want to watch are available on the internet and we can watch them when they are available after being live on TV, or from youtube channels, or we pay for them individually on a variety of websites that sell them. So that is another expense cut.

I could go on. The fact is that my life has now simplified to such an extent that I am now typing my blog at home, feeling very comfortable, cosy, safe and happy in my little one bedflat shared with BF, knowing that tomorrow, I will be driving to an interesting job which holds my attention and keeps me on my toes.

I have started the ball rolling in order to sell my flat in London, and BF and I are now looking forward to spending the rest of our lives on the South Coast, near the sea and in the middle of the hills of Hampshire.

I am happy I did move 4 years ago. I managed during that time to achieve all that I had planned to achieve, including finding a new job and keeping a hold on my flat, and as a bonus, I found myself a partner.

So don’t be shy: you want to change your life? No problem! It is possible and I am the living proof of it. It is hard work and will require lots of careful planning and organisation, but it is very much worth it.

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