My change of life

As change of career goes, I think I can say I have done well. Moved, resettled where I wanted to live, retrained, acquired new skills, enjoyed a new life and a new style of life. Got a few new jobs along the way, and about to start a new one which will allow me to make the most of my skills already acquired while living in London, ironically, as opposed to the new skills I got in furniture restoring after I moved. Very ironic, but I am ok with it. After all, why fight what life throws at me? I was offered a great job, literally on a silver tray. It was also pretty much tailored for me, and so after thinking about it carefully, I thought why not? I am good at some things that other people seem eager to pay a good salary for. And if it doesn’t work out for me, so what? I can always change job… again…

It seems that at 46, I am finally understanding that this is my life: choosing the jobs that I am good at, when they come to me. Because they do, come to me. I will do a job for a number of months or years, and then one day, I will feel the need to change and then, a new job will come along. This means I am never bored. I will never sink myself into a dusty job, in a grey and boring office, doing repetitive and uninspiring tasks, day in and day out.

My life is to change and move and go where my instinct takes me. And I like it that way. Not doing furniture restoration as a full time job is not really what my problem is. My problem is to ensure that I do not compromise my life by taking a job that will make me unhappy, and feel that I am wasting my life.

I am happy where I am now, and I will thrive to continue to make me happy.

I will stop this blog today, as I have another challenge coming up which I want to concentrate onto, which is another story. I will continue to update the website with my paintings, and whenever I manage to work on a new piece of furniture to redecorate or restore.

Please feel free to contact me via my website’s contact page for any queries.

Thank you for reading.

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