Getting ready for my first wood-work course

On Saturday, I am starting my first ever woodwork course: I shall be making a coffee table. I understand that the hardest part will be to make sure that all 4 legs are of the exact same length. Feel free to take bets as to whether I’ll be able to build a perfectly stable coffee table :-)! Depending on what the table will look like, the winner of the bet can have it as a prize as I may not have enough space at home for it. The course is during 2 Saturdays, so I will let you know what it looks like next week end.

On the 4th of March, I have an interview at another College for another course in Furniture Making. This is a government funded place, therefore a lot cheaper than my first choice. I decided I need a back up plan in case I can’t raise the funds necessary to go to the private place. It makes sense to investigate another college and make sure it is a suitable place for me, should plan A fail.

I have just realised that I have not really investigated the actual furniture makers and antique restorers’ world. I know what they do and where to get the training, and I love the idea of it all, but I haven’t asked any questions to anyone to make sure that this world is something I could happily live in. What I really need to do is to go meet some Furniture Makers and Antiques Restorers in order to have a sort of interview with me asking them questions about their job. Questions such as: “What do you love / hate about this job? What is the long term outlook of this sort of business?” pop into my head, and I need to ask them.

This career change is a huge thing for someone of my age, and I can’t very well dive into an expensive College course, rent out my home, sell my motorbike and quit my job to only realise 6 months later that I don’t actually like making furniture! My guess is that I will love it, but it is only a guess. I have yet to make something in wood and realise that yes, I do love doing this. I have yet to interview a furniture maker and realise that yes, this is the kind of lifestyle that I want for my future.

So if any of you people, friends, colleagues, know of a person who is in that sort of business, do let me know: I would like to meet them and ask them some questions. You might not know someone directly, but perhaps you know someone who knows someone? I would be very grateful if you would ask around for me.

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