Flurries in Red and White

Flurries in Red and White; acrylic on canvas; 40x40cm

This painting was inspired by a friend’s poem, Flurries in Red and White. I heard that poem for the first time at an open mic in 2011, and I enjoyed it so much I could feel and see the colours of the words floating around me in the room.

Barber shop poles twizzle down
In illusions of downward breezes,
Invisible winds rattle paper
Stained with old sauces bought
With now cold discarded meats
Baiting to night’s life lying
Upon polystyrene clamshell boxes

Round corners signs of red
And one white stripe gesture all to stop
In their nightly staggering tracks
Where no danger lurks
Until unawares caught
To no entry here, no entry there
And red shadows walking on grey

Butcher’s canopies flap
To traditions of red and white
Appetised joints and minced out bone
And tightly spiced bags of winter flavour
Drain life bloods that drip away
To roast and sealed patterned skins
Wrapping to their honey and latticed end.

Robes in red and fur lined whitened
Timeless figures stoop in resin
To seasonal passing’s and yearly nadir’s
Dark skies and beckoning snows
Under red sunset’s poking clouds
Pinpointing Christmas lights dipping downwards
Their cold in blue electric frost.

At polar opposite season’s zenith
Red swirls to white embed themselves
To sweetened sticks, rocks and candies;
Helter skelter’s swirl now stands
Forlorn to darkened winter’s shadows
Against a fading light
Of rising morning moon’s eclipse.

Robin’s breast against fallen snow
Laps below bedraggled creepers
Pitted black berries and discarded seeds
And Evergreen’s sap withdraws,
Holly’s berries reveal themselves
In timeless ebbs and winter’s herald
To unfolding season’s Christmasstide.

Timothy Barrow, 18th December 2010

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