Conjured by Moonbeams

Conjured by Moonbeams was a challenge given to me by a poet friend. She gave me a list of random sentences to get started on a poem. The words “conjured by moonbeams” were part of the choices. I am not a poet, so instead of writing, I painted what the words inspired in me.

I started by the middle one, and then went on to create a darker and a lighter one which I think work well together. The bottom one with the pink shape became a problem to create. There is no such thing as pale red. There is pink. The idea was to create 3 paintings with background going from pale to dark, and shapes going from dark to pale. I couldn’t do pale red, so I did pale pink but I think it works anyway.

FYI: did you know that pink is a recent concept? Once upon a time, it was solely known as pale red, red being the colour of blood, and therefore of man – man wounded in battle – ergo pink was a manly colour.

My brother was, in turn, inspired by this tryptic to write the following poem:

Something forgotten strums the walls from behind
A shiny red pavement rotates under mobile clouds
Tubular thoughts of a blue metropolis and its blinking axis
A door slides as the sky darkens
Then a road is crumbling and someone inspires colors
While she falls asleep
Mindless canvas
And lost directions
Footprints to make

Joachim Séné

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