Circles; 50 x 50 x 4 cm

Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.

Inspired by the work of a Sudanese artist, I wanted to create a sober piece, something peaceful to look at, simple but very abstract and which would fit into a someone’s ultra modern’s environment.

I am particularly pleased with the end result, although I did struggle to make some good looking circles: I hadn’t anticipated that it would be difficult to paint circles!

This piece is done as part of my “quiet” phase: the first one being “Nuages”, followed by “Vases” done two years ago.

This painting inspired my brother to write this poem:

An unfinished circle
Is like a broken number
Pi without all the decimals
The Universe ending at some place
The light taking a break
A star for oneself
With its roots of shells

Joachim Séné –

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