This 1850’s armchair has been in my family for years. It was never looked after properly, and ended up in a barn, loosely covered with an old tarpaulin, abandonned and unloved. After I started my year long training in furniture restoration, I decided that it was finally the time toRead More →

Created whilst listening to Depeche Mode’s music, a British band that is known for its dark, moody, depressing and sometimes, let’s be honest, very suicidal music. Where were you when I fell from graceFrozen heart, an empty spaceSomething’s changing, it’s in your eyesPlease don’t speak, you’ll only lieI found treasureRead More →

During my first visit in Nepal, I trekked in the Himalaya and visited some amazing regions from tropical forests at the lower altitudes, to the snow covered Annapurna range at a higher altitude. In between the two, I discovered the wonderful temperate forest full of greenery and rivers. This paintingRead More →