Whether you are embarking upon the beginning of your creative voyage or in the early stages of questioning your current career path, you will hopefully find here varying descriptions, resources and encouragements that can help to make for a fulfilled human being, within your working life and subsequently your personal life.

Having lived in London for almost 20 years, mostly working within corporate design, the decision to embark on a new career did not happen overnight. I did not awake one morning with a spiritual revelation. The journey was more like a small annoying irritation, a bit like a mosquito bite: the more you scratch it the more annoying it becomes, until you reach a stage whereby you can no longer ignore the inflamed luminescent red bite. That is how it was for me; a niggling inability to shake off the growing need to quit the rigidity of routine designs, corporate styles, fixed colour palettes and stringent guidelines.

Many have a distorted view that at 40 it is too late to change your career; it is a perception that couldn’t be further from the truth. Hoping to inspire others to merely start over, this blog is about creating a catalytic change; serving as both an introduction to my new career – to include the aesthetic and artistic values of mixing a natural passion for creativity and antiques – and a gentle reminder of the power of creative living. It might be somewhat challenging if not at times daunting but it isn’t impossible.

After successfully completing a course in Furniture Making in September 2011 (with distinction), I then moved on to study Furniture and Wooden Object Restoration and Conservation which I finished in 2012.

I am now happily living on the South Coast, near the seaside, in a pretty house with a workshop where I can finally be as creative as I wish.

       Thank you and do keep in touch, comments are always gratefully received.

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