The lovely funfair bedside cabinet is almost finished, but at the moment, the reason why it isn’t quite finished is because I don’t have a proper printer. The one I have is great for printing letters, but not high resolution art work. So I still need to do the finalRead More →

Ooops, it’s Tuesday morning and I suddenly realise I totally forgot my blog! I do have excuses. I had to go to London because my flat needed looking after. Going there suddenly made me realise that I am a terrible landlady. I have left my tenants with a damaged floorRead More →

It seems I am very tired. After studying full time and working for 2 years, I feel like… doing nothing at all… I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. The last few months, since I got my job at B&Q, I have been working and studying for 6 days out ofRead More →