So the end of year show arrived and went, and it was as expected: Fabulous, darling! A mix of high creativity along with attention to minute detail and perfection that only the best furniture makers can achieve. The work of my restoration class was equally creative and perfect, with picturesRead More →

Last week of hard work for us furniture students. The show is set up on Wednesday, so all must be finished Tuesday evening. My armchair is far from finished although I am pleased with my progress. I have just put the first coat of French polish on it today, afterRead More →

Restoring furniture is, I already mentioned before, one of the most environmentally friendly thing you can do as you basically reuse something that has already been created, usually fixing it with old bits and pieces to match the existing condition. So when I started my course last year, I foundRead More →

The end of half term has already arrived and I was not idle despite my resolution to have a properly resting holiday, not thinking about college.While in France, BoyFriend and I helped my dad emptying the attic. Considering the size of the attic and the fact that my family livedRead More →