I seem to have reached this stage in a student’s life whereby I need to borrow money. As much as I tried to avoid this moment, it has become unavoidable. I have completely ran out of savings and have only a bit left needed to move this week end.  BoyfriendRead More →

So I got myself an amazing new job at B&Q, and it is fantastic! Well, almost. They only offered me 16 hours a week, which isn’t enough to make ends meet. And that is a real shame because the place is fantastic. I have had only one shift so far,Read More →

So the medieval oak chest is now finished and back to its rightful place, in my friend’s living room. It looks smashing, so different to the dusty, dull, damaged and dark box I picked up last year. It is now clean, shiny, smooth and bright… well, not too bright, butRead More →