So Boyfriend (BF) and I have finally completed the first 2 jobs of our new venture. Two mirror frames refurbished. I got one on a car boot sale and the other one in the local dump. They were both looking dark and boring, and we transformed them into two stunningRead More →

A couple of weeks ago, I decided that since I was unemployed and with no income, and since I had been paying my taxes religiously for the past 20 years of working in the UK, perhaps a good idea would be to apply for job seeker allowance. So I wentRead More →

So Boyfriend and I have started to refurbish furniture this week end and although hard work, it promises to be thoroughly enjoyable. I got some mirrors on a car boot sale and we started on the large oak one yesterday. Boyfriend thinks that verdigris for that mirror is the wayRead More →

Since I do have some time now, because I haven’t found a new job yet, I have started to work on my idea of selling stuff I make myself. I think I have been focussing too much on trying to find a workshop. It would be good to have one,Read More →

I am currently reading a book that I am finding very inspirational and reassuring. “Life Entrepreneurs” by Christopher Gergen and Gregg Vanourek. Inspirational because it is about what I want to do: to find the opportunities I need in order to develop my natural talents, achieve success and make aRead More →