After 2 weeks at college and starting work on my first project, it appears that this year, we have to pay for our own timber. Because I have worked in the timber trade since last October, I am able to say that I know the value of timber. Worried thatRead More →

So I am back at college since last Monday, and it is so wonderful! It does feel so warm and cozy in my college. Well, it is all relative, really… Warm and cozy inside of me when I am there, because the actual building isn’t particularly warm and cozy! Anyway.Read More →

It’s back to school tomorrow Monday and I am VERY excited about it! So much has happened over the summer it feels that it lasted 6 months instead of just 2 months. I found an apprenticeship in a furniture workshop for the 2 days that I wasn’t at College orRead More →

Being an apprentice isn’t easy. I naively thought that after getting my Furniture Maker certificate, finding a placement would be the most difficult, and that everything would go swimmingly well thereafter. How wrong I was. Silly me! I only have the experience I acquired at college over a period ofRead More →