I am a clean person. Honestly, I am. I have a shower every evening, I have a wash in the morning before starting my day, I clean my teeth twice a day, I wash my hands after using the bathroom. Nevertheless, I always end up being dirty during the day,Read More →

Don’t you just love it? Here you are, plodding along in your nice cosy little life, doing your own things, loving your life, and then bang! A letter from your mortgage company comes along and pulverises your little dream world… Last year, I found the perfect tenants for my flat:Read More →

During my apprenticeship, I have learnt so far to sharpen chisels so well that I can shave small hair from my arm; to prepare raw timber for our use by planning 2 sides first using the flat bed planner, then the planner thicknesser for the other 2 sides to adjustRead More →