The last day of the school year is Friday 29th June. But my assessment piece must be finished by Friday 15th June. The assessment piece is an oak secretary desk that I am making for my niece, with a drawer, tapered legs and a veneered top. On top of that,Read More →

Let’s not forget why I moved to South England. I wanted to leave London and its mad world of stress, rush, pollution and restlessness. I wanted to start a new life based on my creativity, my dreams, my needs and my happiness. I am reaching the end of my firstRead More →

I lived in London from September 1991 till August 2011. 20 years during which I commuted 5 days a week from home to work. By train, by bus, by tube, by bicycle, by motorbike. By train, I remember waiting on the platform, in the cold, rain, heat, whatever the weather.Read More →