I hit my first big wobbly moment last Thursday. The kind that made me wonder what the hell I am doing, playing with wood, instead of getting a decent job with good money, and shouldn’t I just get rid of my tenants, move back into my flat with the catRead More →

‎20 years to the day that I arrived in Britain. I was on the 3 o’clock train at Victoria station. I was wearing a green mac and carried my backpack. I also had had a new hair cut that bothered me as I had 2 locks of hair that keptRead More →

And so finally, after nearly a full year of hectic, eager, painful, wonderful and traumatic preparations, I had my first Furniture Making class on Thursday. As predicted, there was a majority of youngsters between about 16 and 24 years old, then a few about my age, and a few wayRead More →

Phew. What a maelstrom of adventures this week has been! I haven’t stop for a moment since I arrived in my new home. Saturday: Arrival in my new home after a traumatic move. Sunday: Spent the day looking for the cat who completely disappeared sometime during the night. I lockedRead More →