Artabelle was born in France in 1969 and has lived in Britain since 1991. Painting has always been in her family: her father, whom she truly admires, is a talented painter; and her mother, a wonderfully creative mind, discovered herself a passion for painting murals late in her life. They are Artabelle’s inspiration which led to the journey of experiencing the intimacy and freedom between the mind and the canvas, the soul and the paint.

Artabelle uses colours and textures to create an emotional rather than a realistic form of expression; painting what she feels when seeing something or someone – believing the internal expression and observation holds as much value as the external.

Inspired by colours, shapes, textures as well as feelings and emotions, she has a passion for engaging with unusual mediums such as pebbles, sand, strings, wood shavings or simply layers of paint applied with the hands in order to get a thickly texturized piece of art; art that will invoke temptation by the viewers to touch, smell and merge closely with the painting.

If you wish to purchase any of these works, you can do so on the Saatchi website, where you can also get some prints available in various sizes.