During my first visit in Nepal, I trekked in the Himalaya and visited some amazing regions from tropical forests at the lower altitudes, to the snow covered Annapurna range at a higher altitude. In between the two, I discovered the wonderful temperate forest full of greenery and rivers. This paintingRead More →

This end of the XIXth century chair was brought to me as it was wobbly from the joints being dried up and unglued, and the finish was looking dull. I revived it by regluing the joints that needed it, recoloured it partially, and finished it with a couple of shellacRead More →

Painting: Acrylic on Paper. I have had, for a long time, a fascination for work of a very fiddly nature. As a furniture restorer, my favorite part of the job are small delicate repairs to damaged furniture such as water marks, burnt marks, indentations and scratches. In painting, I haveRead More →